Real Estate and Facilities This week – (11 – 16 Feb 2013)

  • Relationship between (CRE) practices and the economic performance of business enterprises they served: Read More
  • Prez inaugurates the “National Conference on Green Design” 2013. Read More
  • Easier said than done: HVAC upgrades/changes should look at life cycle cost analysis rather than just on first-cost basis: Read More

  • Car-Free City: China Builds Dense Metropolis from Scratch: Read More
  • Brilliant: 15 spectacular buildings where Origami meets Architecture: Read More
  • Avoid these 5 pitfalls when planning Access Control Systems: Read More
  • Right to form a cooperative society is now a fundamental right of the citizens: Read More

  • Labour shortage to grow more by 65%: Survery: Read More

  • Pictoral breakdown of LEED-EBOM: Read More
  • Blackstone, two others to buy Bangalore Business Park for $367 million: Read More
  • Office Real Estate strategy in India – An Occupier Perspective in 2013: Read More
  • Morgan Stanley may invest Rs. 1000 crore in Mumbai Realty: Read More
  • Sid Yog: Man behind Xander: Read More
  • Hyderabad is the world’s second most affordable office market: Survey: Read More

News Aggregated from Various Publishers


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