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Monthly Town Hall and R&R – July 13, Mumbai

Our Stars

IMG_20130727_170736 Dilip Umratkar from our Account Management Team addressingIMG_20130727_172526Paparazzi at Work 🙂
IMG_20130727_172736Recognition for best performance in July 13
IMG_20130727_171017 Our Superman – Nilesh Jadhav in his never ending speechIMG_20130727_165727Waiting for Tea Break 🙂

Facilities and Real Estate News This week

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FM – An Industry at the cusp of recognition?

The season of awards are just beginning – more precisely the Industry / Corporate / Business Awards.

We have often wondered what role awards play and frankly when one is building an Organization, this is hardly the thing that keeps one awake. You are grappling with more fundamental issues of survival, of tinkering with the business model, of cash flows, of so many other issues – essentially caught up with the daily operational tasks. But as a growing firm, it is absolutely critical to move away from the grind at times and have a bird’s eye view – and look at the big picture – some kind of a justification that gives meaning to the maddening risks that the startup team takes.

The thought of recognitions and their role in organisation building / entrepreneurship is one such aspect that flashes in such moments. Awards play a vital role – they are an inspiration, a motivation, a recognition amongst industry peers and the world at large. In moments of such philosophical rumination, our team received an invitation for nomination to the ET Now Promoted IndiaMart Leaders of Tomorrow Awards.

Our team got into the game and was setting up a platform to nominate the brightest and the most promising amongst us. But then —- Something hit us. The nomination categories just did not have Facilities Services / Management / Housekeeping / Hard Services / other allied segments as a category at all.

It hit us then —- WE ARE NOT EVEN A CATEGORY. WE ARE STILL NOT RECOGNISED EVEN AS AN INDUSTRY. And as stakeholders to this growing segment, we have really failed our industry and to the future generations that will further our ilk.

We stand in support of all initiatives, thoughts, people, policies that encourage entrepreneurship for this truly is the harbinger of change and prosperity for a complex nation like ours. For every entrepreneur who succeeds, we see another 1000 succeeding; for every organisation that an entrepreneur creates, another 1000 flourish in terms of employment, vendor partnerships, public infrastructure (via taxes being contributed) etc etc. We as a nation have truly adopted this model of growth; and more (such awards and recognition – like the one mentioned above), the merrier…

However, like hungry children; we are slightly disillusioned to see that the industry that we are a part of does not find mention in the nomination categories and more critically in any industry bodies, policy lobbying bodies etc. etc. And as stakeholders, it is our sacred duty to highlight, market, project ourselves better.

We present before you the following statistics that our industry boasts – The Facilities Management / Facilities Services Industry (third party service providers that operate and maintain building facilities or entire facilities – an integration of manpower, processes and technology).

–          We are an integral part of any infrastructure / real estate development project…we come in as soon project execution is at its fag end of any infra/real estate development project

–          We are estimated to be a $ 2 billion + industry (organized industry estimates) and an equally large unorganized segment

–          With over 200 million sq ft of commercial real estate being added every year in India and an equally impressive absorption, our industry’s growth has been stupendous year on year

–          With over 500 million + employable population and the huge challenge of skilling the labour pool for employment; our industry has been providing employment and has been investing in skill development to meet customer needs without any tangible support from the state or industry bodies

–          Critically, we are the organizations that provide services and make life easier for millions of workers, professionals and residences day in and day out

–          The earlier part of the last decade which witnessed impressive manufacturing growth however still could not make any dent in formal employment growth. On the other hand, services and our industry particularly has been able to bring a huge portion of the informal labour pool to the mainstream.

–          Driven by our customers and pioneering entrepreneurs, our industry provides for dignity of labour, social benefits, healthy wages that have improved lives of millions of workers in our industry

–          Some of the finest young and educated minds are today starting ventures in this segment, driven by their desire to make a real difference as well as exploit the tremendous opportunities that exist today. Today a number of entities in our segment have achieved significant scale and at the cusp of breaking onto the national stage.

–          Other than agriculture and construction, we are today the largest employers in India; a statistic which somehow does not find mention in any government statistics, awards, recognitions, policies etc.

As a young company, we commit ourselves to amplifying the above rant manifold and not shy away from demanding our share of rights, representation and of course RECOGNITION : ), in what we truly believe in.


Team Kaarya