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“ReFuel – Food That Loves You”
is an exciting new “healthy food” venture from  Kaarya stable.

ReFuel Collage

  • ReFuel is a healthy meal option for your employees, residents and anyone who is health conscious – for in-between meal times. The “snacking” time when we are most likely to consume junk
  • ReFuel is an easy to install Kiosk/Unit comprising of a “ Refrigerated Storage Unit”, a “Microwave Unit” and a “Service Promoter”.
  • ReFuel Units do not compete with your existing canteen or pantry facilities.
  • Every meal is delivered daily to the location in hygienic conditions.
  • ReFuel team has worked hard to come with a revolving menu that doesn’t get boring “ever”.
  • Every meal is appetizing, delectable with attractive packaging and clearly listing ingredients and calorie/fat count

For enquiries, please write to corp@kaarya.co.in or call us at +91 99877 98518

Team Kaarya and ReFuel

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