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Facilities and Real Estate this week (24 Feb to 2 Mar 2013)

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What does a facility manager manage?

Came across a very interesting read addressing the topic for this post. So what does a facility manager manage? Bernard Williams’ pioneering and seminal work has helped define FM for us and very simply captures facilities management as standing on the 3 pillars of Productivity, Economics, and Human Resources.

As soon as we delve into his perspective, the fact that facility managers ought to stand out more and think like business leaders becomes paramount.

In summary, an FM is responsible for day to day operations and maintenance of every facility that helps run the property/office/real estate. To move to the next level, he/she ought to alter / innovate existing systems.

Cost pressures are a reality and it is here that an FM ought to be involved in the planning and budgeting processes of the business. Going green is another aspect that FMs today need to look at seriously as it has significant cost benefits, improved employee environment and business image. What more could the Management ask for?

Critically, the expectation of emergency preparedness has always been from the facility manager whether in case of man made destruction, technological failures or nature’s forces.

There is obviously more to an FM’s job and the day he/she starts looking at facilities as communities, starts getting more involved with planning in addition to daily operations; and believes in his/her role as a “business enabler & constituent”; that would be the beginning of a new chapter in facilities services in India.

(with content inputs from: http://www.buildings.com)

Green Products

Gradually but definitely, companies outsourcing their facilities requirements are increasingly asking service providers tough questions on environment sustainability. Increasingly these are cropping up as conditions in RFPs. Forward thinking organizations realise the benefits they bring to their immediate environment by pushing their vendors to use green products, which have the additional advantage of cost savings both in the short and long term.

FM companies are grappling with the new paradigm. India still has a primitive institutional framework that certifies vendor’s green processes, and products. 

However, organizations such as Green Seal – a US based non profit entity – are paving the way in building standards globally as well as in India. Everything that Property Management companies need to know about green products, their cost benefits, availability can be found out in their website http://www.greenseal.org.

We hope business imperatives go hand in hand with environmental concerns; and customers along with their partners follow standards in letter as well as in spirit.